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I think they treat me the same. I go into my discussion board every night on the internet and if someone even mentions "can I have his address, can I have his phone number" there will be replies saying "why don't you give him some privacy" and all that - so they totally still respect my life.

I'm an old-type music kind of guy. I don't just listen to country but I love country the most. I listen to pop artists like Soul Decision (they're buddies of mine), and I like Mandy More and Britney Spears. But on the country side of things I'm a big Vince Gill fan. I've idolized Vince Gill all of my life. I also like Garth Brooks; I sing a Garth Brooks song, "The River" when I do I show. I like George Strait, Julian Austin, Jason McCoy…I like everybody.

No, this is my roots and I'm gonna stick to them. I don't mind putting songs out on pop stations but I don't want to give people the impression that I want to change. I totally want to remain country.

Songwriters write those for the whole word to relate to; not just me, but everyone. I do pretty well. This year I did well in math, science and English…although not as well in Social (it has always been a weaker subject). It was a little weird using a laptop to do my work but once I got used to it my marks improved...

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