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Adagio Quotes

I wanted to play guitar at first. I saw a Jimmy Page model look alike 
guitar in a magazine. I was on my way to pick it up with my mother and 
there was a drum set at the top of my block at a garage sale. I saw the 
kit, it was a gold sparkled Japanese kit and I said screw the guitar. 
We bought the drums for $20.00. I got them home and never stopped since 
August of 1979. 
John Macaluso

Feeling is the most important but without the technique, you will struggle to get what is in your 
brain on record. It all depends what kind of music you are playing and 
what you want to say. I look at the drum track as telling a story and 
when you pull the music off, you should still hear the song with just 
the drums. To do that, you need the technique to play free enough to 
enjoy what you are doing, you can always hear an uncomfortable drummer.
John Macaluso

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