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I come from a history of melodic music so I know that the sound is not veering to far away from what a5a established in its beginning, the way the band is going stays true to the a5a sound. The differences would be, that our newer stuff is a lot darker and heaver but catchy at the same time. A wise man once told me "you catch a fish with a hook, not a riff" and during this record we adhered to that mentality, and another difference might be lyrically. The lyrics I write are more...grown up? Not necessarily serious content all the time, but more adult. We have songs on this new record that span from topics like spousal abuse...to threesomes... It’s that kind of different.
Brandon Mullins 

Tally is...a great town. We all know that not all chicks from tally are hookers, but lets just say...You go out to Big Daddy’s or the in between and your looking to hook up at all, more than likely your going to have a good night...
Brandon Mullins 

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