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Let me state that I am indeed still a practicing 
Satanist. I just felt like a hypocrite speaking against organized 
religion, yet being a part of one. I realize the CHURCH OF SATAN is 
not your typical "group", but many of the fly by night members were 
not of my liking. The core COS membership had some very interesting 
and likeable people, but I could not represent a organization that 
had many members that I wouldn't give the time of day. I
represent myself. And that doesn't make me say anything against people who don't agree with me. I'm not anti-COS. I just have no need
for ANY religious group or organization. 
Vincent Crowley

I live the life style! It doesn't take a church to
make you what you are. I feel I have evolved a lot since the early days. I 
have the same core of ideas, but it is different now. I'm
enjoying life and not giving a fuck what people think of me. My music 
represents a very dark side of me. Some people I know can't
believe that I can get that way. I always laugh and say "They never think 
that about serial killers also. (Ha, Ha)" But I feel I'm a
semi- normal person that has a different view. I will give the time of day 
to anyone who respects my personal choices. 
Vincent Crowley

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