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Abramelin Quotes

The band name changed from Acheron to Abramelin when Simon discovered there was an American black metal band also called Acheron. Both bands had started at the same time and each had written to the other, asking them to give up the name. As their line-up had changed quite dramatically, as well as their sound, the guys decided to give up their Acheron and become Abramelin.

ABRA-MELIN THE MAGE (1362-1460), created a body of magical works that for centuries influenced magicians, including ALEISTER CROWLEY. He was an expert of KABALAH, and said that he learned his magical knowledge from angels, who told him how to conjure and tame demons into personal servants and workers, and how to raise storms. He said that all things in the world were created by demons and that each individual had an angel and a demon as familiars.

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