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Abaddon Incarnate Quotes

Come onto me – Priest molesting little boys. Very sore point in Ireland for a while, so being us, we decided to write a song about it! Our songs are usually about getting maimed, fucked, fucked up, shat on, the usual shit…funny stuff…some of our new titles we were thinking about are REALLY bad…check it out…'Kick the pregnant', 'Soundtrack to Rape', 'Deaf dumb and blind with broken fingers'. Funny as fuck, but there is a line….and I think that that is going over it.. 

Nothing to do with 'Abaddon', no. Named because it is weird, and actually meant something = 'lord of the six seal walks the earth again…' kinda shit…that would be cool though. We have been thinking about changing it, but I think it would probably be a bad idea. 

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