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8th Sin Quotes

Ah, Brejdedd again. No it was definitely not my first band as I started out when I was but twelve years old. Brejdedd was a project heavily based on a more hardcorish "fuck off" attitude with loads of humorous hints. Were talking way back in time and I really don't recall much of how things were born or why they died. I guess one of the reasons I quit was because my views of life dreastically started changing at that time. It's very important to remember that we should never stop changing and developing through our lives. 
Tony "IT" Särkkä 

The eight sin is the sin that sums up all of the sins into one. Humanity. The eight sin represents the sin of creating the sins. 
Tony "IT" Särkkä 

The "happier" period is when I discovered that a human brain is like a big muscle and that there is no excuse of stopping it's development. 
Tony "IT" Särkkä

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