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All the stuff we wrote was before we joined 8 FOOT SATIVA so itís all quite old songs that were written between 1993 and 2001. Since we started our first band, riffs have changed around and weíve changed songs a little bit. So itís all old stuff, but with the new members of course itís going to have a different edge to it. Itís hard to describe it.
Sam Sheppard

"Well, it had been coming for a long time. I was planning to leave about a year ago and then we ended up getting Matt in the band so it was like, fuck, Iíll carry on with this for a bit longer. But Iíve known for a long time, and the other guys have as well, that we wouldnít fucking be together forever. Weíre just two different kinds of people that can only put up with each other for so long you know."
Sam Sheppard

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