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4th Avenue Jones Quotes

4th Avenue Jones was a vision that I had. I was a solo artist first and in my mind I knew that I wanted to have a band, because there are endless possibilities when you have live music and talented people come together.
Ahmad Jones

And I'm a big hip hop fan even though I don't consider our band a hip hop band. When I listened to Grits, I saw the Gotee tag on there and then I came out for GMA and I saw they have this spot called The Church out here, I was just blown away.
Ahmad Jones

Well I started around ten, so I would say ten years. And I started in fourth grade, so the public school system really encouraged me to play and be in orchestra, playing the violin. And I just kept up with it.
Angeliqua Gailey "Gailybird" Cowart

I started playing in church, growing up around church. I actually got my first snare drum in 1999. Then I got my first drum set the Christmas following that. Ever since then, I've just been playing the drums and I found out about 4th Ave actually while I was working at a guitar center. They had an ad posted up on the bulletin and I stole it.
Derrick "Dee" Calloway

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