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When I was first starting out back in Ď78, it was more of a family type thing. All the bands played on the same bills, we got our money so we could eat and pay rent, and it was more like a family.
Dinah Cancer

Something like that. I don't know. It's pretty cool though. I always have foxy girlfriends and I can fit into all the skinny rock star clothes that no one else can fit into.
Don Bolles

It started back in July of 2005 when I was talking with my management, Dark Moon Entertainment. I gave a call to PAUL CUTLER, the old 45 Grave guitar player, and I asked him if he would be against me going out and using the name to promote some re-releases. It took him about three days, and he called me and said that since Iím co-owner, take good care of the name and go out and rock it and give it the respect it needs.
Dinah Cancer

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