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3 Inches of Blood Quotes

Oh yeah, that’s our pagan power song…heathens uniting to rise against the sanctity of the church (laughing)…and then “Lord Of The Storm” is the second in the trilogy…
Jamie Hooper about “Dominion Of Deceit"

People with good intentions, once given the power sometimes don’t know what to do with it, and that’s where that one is coming from. “Crazy Nights”….Cam wrote that one based on a really good time that we had in London, perhaps too much of a good time. We got into a little bar fight in New Cross, it was good time and Cam wrote that one based on that. Drunken debauchery really…”Destroy The Orcs” of course, that’s one that we’ve been playing for a while. It’s a purified version, and again, surprisingly, revenge comes into the picture…who would have thought?
Jamie Hooper

Jamie wrote all the “Viking” themed material from the 5-song EP era. I wouldn’t call us a “Viking Metal” band just based on that. We try and write about new themes all the time and derive inspiration from many sources.
Cam Pipes

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