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I think one of the great edges we have is in the lyrics. They're very intelligently written, there's nothing clichéd about them, and even though many of the lyrics are rapped, there's nothing really urban about our sound. It's not "street" in any way. It's really closer to Renaissance poetry. No, seriously, it is.

We have tons of diversity in the band, and we all bring it together to form who we are. Mark came to the band with a classically trained vocal background. He's been doing show tunes his whole life. Aaron grew up listening to jazz with his Dad, and his grandpa used to play drums in a jazz group. Nathan listened to a lot of R&B/hip-hop. I'm the pop-guy. I love all pop. And Shane's the intelligent writer of the band who listens to all kinds of intelligent music — classical guitar and stuff like that.

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