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36 Crazyfists Quotes

Well, we collectively like, I mean everybody is probably in a band because of Metallica, that was our favorite band. But, as a band were pretty diverse, I mean, I'm like a classic rock fan, like the cult is one of my favorite bands.
Brock Lindow

We live in Oregon now. We go back every chance we get to play and all of our family still lives there so it's like we have two homes. Still we moved away permanently so we could tour. However, we are really involved in the music scene there, a lot of our friends are in bands. There is so much talent that no one knows about but not just rock and metal, I mean you wouldn't believe it, great hip/hop acts it's huge there. Well a lot of people think it's nothing but Eskimos and white people but we have three big military bases there so we have every ethnicity up there. So I been trying to bring awareness to it ever since we got a chance to have a voice. The A&R people ask me are there are any acts talent. They should check it out. It's just along way. When you think you don't think it's a musical hotbed. Its probably going to stay isolated but the kids are hungry, they'll come to the shows.
Brock Lindow

I find that anytime you bring reading material into the bathroom, you’re in there for a long time, regardless of how long you should’ve been in there.
Brock Lindow

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