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Music started early. As a kid I sang with my father at mosques in and around Manchester-- a devotional hymn kind of thing called a naat…then moved to London to work for Mute Records (who I happened to be signed to as an artist later on)…got bored with that, then moved to Sweden for no other reason than to be a promiscuous, hell-raising, lying, fighting, scummy bastard, playing and singing in bands, DJing on local radio, and to be an all-around general trouble-maker…came back and worked for Beggars Banquet in their accounts department and realized the accounts people in record labels were the ones who had the most to prove and subsequently are the most drug-addled and badly-behaved bunch of the lot… hooked up with Aki from Fun: Da: Mental and played bass with them for about a year and a half then left to form 2nd Gen after touring around much of the planet… 
Wajid Yaseem

I'd be an atheist missionary. I'd go to the lands where all the major religions have raped a country and restore their own ways. Or I'd be some sort of xenomorph scientist-- could human sperm survive in the belly of our closest genetic relative? Or I'd be a fire-engine. 
Wajid Yaseem

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