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2 Live Crew Quotes

God was dealing with me- but I didn't know really
what was happening. I thought I was going crazy because I would always cry, "I
know that I shouldn't be doing this. This is not right. I want to be known for
something better than just going out and doing this." And I just I was
searching for greatness. I was searching for truth at the time and I was
desperate for change but I didn't actually know what it would take to get me
Brother Marquis

But as long as we were doing it in our own
neighborhood, it was alright. But as we started getting more popular with it,
man and going out and doing big shows and we thought it was just real cool
because chicks thought it was real cool at that time. I'm really not meaning to
glorify it- this was the way we lived. Chicks would come on the stage and just
strip down. You know, just like they do now at the Limp Biscuit concerts. I
mean, they would get on the stage with us and basically do whatever we told them
to do. The crowd would hang on every word that we said even repeating words on
command. I was having fun with it- I was young- you know what I'm saying. I'm
partying and chicks everywhere, man it seemed cool. It was cool at that time,
but during all of the money and the fame and all of that, I didn't have any
close friends. After the lights go down and the curtains close, behind the
scene is the pain that only God knows. I couldn't buy friends with the chicks,
the partying, offering them drugs any of that kind of stuff.
Brother Marquis

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