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1919ís split was due to various situations. If you have four guys in a band there is inevitably going to be ego problems and sometimes individuals want to pull the music one way or the other. Look how many bands spend years in a rehearsal room grafting to get a set together, then when they achieve some kind of recognition they split. Familiar story. The Goth scene in 1984 was dying a death, pardon the pun and that is why a lot of bands bailed out or changed direction.

The re-birth of 1919 was a messy one. It started with a thought and when I say that it had been banging around in my brain for 21 years. I had done lots of sessions, different projects but it was always there- old ghosty head, 1919, 1919. That recurring mantra. 1919 is full of resonance and metaphor and meaning.It probes my mind, gets under my skin, it reaches the subterranean depths, it is full of disquiet. It had to eventually spewed out. There were new people, who had to be relieved of their duties, and not in a quiet way, but thatís life. My ideas had to be impregnated into the new disciples. Life is not easy.

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