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I started out solo as a necessity, and it seems to have developed into my main strength. The first major tours I was offered were all as a solo act. I played for a couple of months with an Irish band called “the fat lady sings,” then hooked up with Counting Crows, and then with Tori Amos.
Peter Stuart

Almost all of the musicians I know like to board. The guys from Blind Melon board all the time, and I hear that the guys from Pearl Jam and candlebox do as well. Adam from the Counting Crows skis, as does Chris Stills
Peter Stuart

You have to be pretty naive or stupid to live the "rock life" today. If you fuck lots of people or do lots of drugs, you run the risk of dying. I've seen people dive into the underworld to prove something. They're like, "I know I was given all these advantages, but I'm going to do heroin and live in a flophouse because that'll show that I'm really down with the counterculture." To me the most rebellious thing is to actually care about your life. 
Peter Stuart

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