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"Musical influence in France is a nightmare! There is only the French variety! Funk and Black music didnít arrive until really late; around í84 or í85. It was the radio really, first Pirates then official stations. In about 1984 it started to get better, they started to play Funk like D-Train, Earth, Wind and Fire, Prince, all the classics. We discovered that and it was amazing."

"I didnít know how to get into the music industry, I was DJing in my bedroom as a hobby, mixing tapes for myself, but I didnít know how to introduce myself into the industry. I wanted to work in music, I didnít know which area, maybe a record company. I started working for two different guys, one on a TV show called Rapline, they didnít have enough money to keep me on so I started to DJ around Paris. I organised Hip Hop and Acid Jazz parties in í91 and í92."
Bob Sinclar

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